Best Countries For Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Best Countries For Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

There are certain countries that digital nomads favor for remote working. This is because these countries have tried to cater for location independent workers by creating workplaces, commonly known as co-working spaces. With high-speed Wi-Fi available and a comfortable office environment as featured benefits these co-working spaces have become a hub of creativity. With innovative individuals creating start-up businesses and freelance graphic designers, IT personnel, photographers, writers and other location independent entrepreneurs completing projects for worldwide clientele. Establishing which countries are the best for remote working can be quite difficult as each remote worker may have their own personal favorite that has always worked well for their needs. However, there are some countries that have been recognized as ‘the best’ by these tech wizards we now call digital nomads.

In today’s post (or….this article) we will profile several countries that are considered by online entrepreneurs as the definition of paradise for remote working. Although each country may have its pro’s and cons, they are the destinations that continue to entice entrepreneurs. With a thriving network of digital nomads visiting or residing in these countries, it is certain that they will continue to be extremely popular in the future.

For more detailed and specific information about the best destinations for remote workers you can check out our article about ‘the best cities for remote working’. In this article we will take an in-depth look at which cities are considered the very best for digital nomads.

In random order, the best countries for remote working are:



A country with a fascinating culture, China is a destination that attracts the biggest and best online players in the game. This is the place to work on your skills and mix with other big-time digital nomads. However, that comes at a price. The cost of living is expensive, and it is continuing to rise but the quality of life is awesome and there are fantastic hubs of creativity with co-working spaces available everywhere. China is a great choice for an online entrepreneur to build on what they already have or to start afresh. The nomadic scene in China is thriving.



One of the best countries for remote working is Thailand. With so many co-working hotspots available it is clear to see why this Asian country is considered as the best destination for digital nomads. If you are searching for a country to work from for more than a month or even to live there permanently while continuing to build your online portfolio then Thailand is the place to be. With fantastic street food, exciting nightlife and tons of expats creating awesome online businesses from a country that is fast becoming recognized worldwide as a haven for remote workers. It is no surprise that it is a prime place for those who want to build and grow an online business. The cost of living is very affordable compared to some countries around the globe and if you are building a business on a bootstrap like most do when first setting-up, then Thailand is the destination for you.



Another Asian country that is becoming well-recognized for remote working is the Philippines. With thriving entrepreneurial enterprises being created because many digital nomads have realized that the cost of living is extremely cheap. Although the quality of life is considered quite low, it is still a great destination to begin an independent career. The people are very friendly and accepting. Most Philippines can now speak English which is always a good thing for communication purposes related to accommodation and business. There are new co-working spaces being established in all the main hotspots of activity which creates opportunities to meet other like-minded nomads.



This Asian country now has one of the largest entrepreneurship scenes in the world. Vietnam is considered a great place to build an online business. The cost of living is ‘crazy cheap’ but the quality of life can be very low in certain areas. However, many digital nomads are leaving their homeland for Vietnam with plans to live there for the long-term while creating online companies with other like-minded location independent nomads.



A commonwealth country with huge entrepreneurial potential. Australia is fast becoming recognized as an awesome place to visit, live and to work remotely from. Quality of life is outstanding, but the cost is high. It has always been a backpacker’s delight but now, digital nomads have noticed the steady rise in co-working and co-living spaces including incubators and accelerators for online start-up activity in almost every city.



With so many internet start-up founders residing in the USA. It is easy to understand why like-minded solopreneurs have decided to begin their digital career in America. If you are searching for a country that just might have it all, then this is the place for you. The overall cost of living can be rather high in certain states, but the quality of life is outstanding. Co-working spaces are plenty and wherever you decide to visit or reside while you work. You are sure to meet other nomads who are either just starting their career or have an established online business from the dotcom era.



This is an up and coming country with an exciting and vibrant start-up community. English is well-spoken in every part of Germany and there are many expats remote working from newly created co-working spaces. It is a country that is recognized as a hotspot for creativity with many entrepreneurs preferring to work in fields such as art and design and the online fashion industry. The cost of living is can be expensive, but the quality of life is very good.


The Netherlands:

The entrepreneurial scene in the Netherlands has embarked on a scale that has surprised today’s digital nomads. It is a country that has been overshadowed by its European neighbors in the past, but it has experienced huge growth in recent years. The cost of living is reasonable, and the quality of life is excellent. With co-working spaces in every city and online start-ups happening on a daily basis. The Netherlands is expected to explode with independent activity in the near future.



The East Coast of Spain is becoming a haven for online activity with co-working spaces and a large entrepreneurial renaissance. The cost of living is considered cheap compared to some European countries and the quality of life is great. The sun is always shining, and the nomadic community is thriving.



With beautiful beaches and a reasonable cost of living. Brazil has a fast-growing community of nomads and expats. The quality of life away from the tourist spots is steadily rising but it can be dangerous in certain areas. It would be wise to stay amongst other digital nomads and use co-working or co-living spaces for remote workers. The country is set to experience more entrepreneurial growth in the future, so this could become a great country for remote working.


Wherever and whatever country you decide is the best for remote working. I wish you all the very best with your digital nomad career. You can and will find the best country for remote working. There are many countries around the globe that have the potential for awesome, online business success. Good Luck!


If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer your personal opinion about the best countries for remote working, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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