'Rookie Mistakes' To Avoid When Becoming Digital Nomad

'Rookie Mistakes' To Avoid When Becoming Digital Nomad

When becoming a digital nomad you must be aware of the ‘Rookie Mistakes’ that can be made in your pursuit of professional perfection. These mistakes can have a detrimental effect on your remote working career by disrupting or stalling your productivity and entrepreneurial progression.

Setting up as a remote working freelancer is a great idea if you have the business insight that will help you to avoid making certain mistakes which may grind your online activity to a vicious and hasty halt. Everybody can learn from their past mistakes but by learning how to avoid them before they actually happen is what it really takes to be considered as a professional digital nomad.

Working your way around the world doesn’t have to be just a dream. If you research your trade and realize that there are mistakes to be made, then apply what you have learned to all of your business ventures. Surely you will succeed and experience continued growth throughout your travel and with your digital career.

Most mistakes in business are avoidable but what are those rookie mistakes that must be avoided to assure freelancing success?

In this post we will cover some of those rookie mistakes and how best to avoid them.


Not following up on your leads

If you forget to follow up on your leads you may be missing out on extra business. This includes your past and present clientele. With every client there is an opportunity to resell your service. Your clients may be searching for a freelancer to help them with their next project and they have simply forgot about the great work that you did for them in the past. By following up on all your leads it creates the potential for increased business productivity. Therefore this has to be one of the biggest rookie mistakes that a digital nomad can make.


Not creating several sources of income

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘never lay all your eggs in one basket’. A digital nomad will always search for several income sources to help fund their nomadic lifestyle. Only having one source of income can seriously affect your travel aspirations as it will be extremely difficult to fund that type of location independent lifestyle. By creating several sources of income it provides the potential for a healthy pay check at the end of each month.


Not enjoying the job

This is a rookie mistake that can easily be made. Forgetting to actually enjoy the job will affect your productivity because if you fail to enjoy the projects you undertake, it is very likely that you will also struggle to complete them. Job satisfaction and personal enjoyment will enable a digital nomad to maintain a high standard of work and help them to remain at the top of their game.


Not networking

Every networking opportunity is a business opportunity. Failing to network with possible clientele via freelance platforms or social media websites is a major rookie mistake. Building a network of like-minded people should be a top priority for assured online productivity. The more folk you know, the more opportunities for you and your business to grow. Therefore networking is a must.


Taking on too many projects

This is one of the main reasons that a digital nomad fails. Taking on too many projects should be avoided at all costs. Unless you have the resources to work on various project’s at the same time, it is advisable not to take on numerous projects that you cannot complete in a set timescale. Every client will have a deadline to adhere to, so make sure you can finish them on time because if you make this rookie mistake your freelance reputation is certainly at stake.


Setting unrealistic goals

If you make the rookie mistake of setting objectives and goals that aren’t obtainable then you are likely to fail at the first hurdle. Every goal that you set for your online businesses should be realistic and reachable. Many beginner digital nomads have failed to recognize this a viable mistake to make and they constantly set unrealistic goals that backfire and halt their progression as a remote working freelancer.


Lacking focus and motivation

Not staying focused and maintaining motivation can seriously disrupt a digital nomad’s career. To progress, one must be focused on their current objectives and maintain the motivation that is needed to reach all set targets. Lacking these two qualities will only stall your progression and ruin future business opportunities.


Choosing the wrong location

If a digital nomad chooses the wrong location to start their remote working adventure, it can be very damaging to the business as a whole. Sadly, not every destination is a great place to run an online business. This could be due to Wi-Fi connection problems or it could be down to the country’s governmental issues concerning business ventures. Failing to research your chosen destination is a rookie mistake that can always be avoided.


Commitment issues

Having commitment issues are major factors that will eventually result in failure. A digital nomad must be fully-committed to their entrepreneurial career. All online activities should be dealt with in a timely manner and clientele should be able to rely on you to fulfil their wishes. When becoming a digital nomad many beginners don’t realize the commitment that remote working entails. Being fully committed from the start and maintaining that commitment will ensure continued productivity and professional progression.


Becoming a digital nomad can be a risky business therefore you should always be aware of the ‘rookie mistakes’ that can have a damaging effect on your remote working career.


When first starting out as a digital nomad there is a lot to learn about making money online. But with a little research, professional know-how and business acumen. You can be confident that you will continue to avoid the ‘Rookie Mistakes’ when you finally become a fully-fledged digital nomad.

We wish you the very best of luck on your digital nomad journey……!

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer an opinion about the possible ‘rookie mistakes’ to avoid when becoming a digital nomad, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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