Why We Need To Protect Our National Parks

Why We Need To Protect Our National Parks

You can find national parks dedicated to protecting our nature and biodiversity from all around the world. The USA isn’t an exception and every one of us can access their closest national park easily. All the parks are different and can show you part of the local nature. Hiking in a national park is a fun way to experience the nature and you may even give some money to the charities taking care of these unique natural destinations. However, we often forget why we need to protect our natural treasures. In this article, we will list several reasons why every one of us should protect national parks.


  1. Without our help, these forests would be in great danger

The truth is that humans need to destroy forests. We need wood for many usages from furniture to the source of energy. Without our protection, national parks would end up as material for big industries. There are many national parks located near centric areas that would be perfect for businesses to maintain. Also because national parks have a lot of old forest areas, the wood is strong and hard. Something you need for many usages we use wood for.


When we protect national parks with laws and other measures, no one can land their hand one these special forests. It’s important that we keep protecting our forests because there are several people who would like to buy these lands with a high price. Whatever happens, we have to make sure that there are these few places untouched in our country. Keep reading and you will learn more why this is important.


  1. National parks are place of relaxation and peace for everyone

Our national parks are places where everyone can enjoy the nature. Most national parks offer a wide range of services and activities you can try out alone, with friends or with your kids. If these activities aren’t your thing, hiking alone in national parks has been a popular thing for years. All national parks have hiking trails from short day trips to longer hikes that can take up weeks of your time. As long as we protect and sponsor our national parks these activities will be possible, and the hiking trails can be taken care of for us.


  1. National parks are good for your health

National parks and all large natural forests alike are good for your health from the body to mind. Fresh air, healthy exercise and peaceful atmosphere you can only find from nature are just examples of the ways national parks help our health. Visit to forest takes care of all health problems. It won’t cure you of deathly diseases. but it plays part in helping our body. It’s especially good for your mind in this current hectic world. Things like yoga and meditation have been popular during the last few years. Nature works similarly to them. Hike in national park or day enjoying nature away from the noisy cities gives you time to think life, recharge your powers and forget all those normal worries.

Why We Need To Protect Our National Parks

  1. The cold hard truth is: we need nature to live

We already mentioned the health benefits of national parks but that’s not all. Humans and animals need oxygen to live. Trees make oxygen. Without forests, we would die. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. National parks in the USA are an important part of the local ecosystem and oxygen production. If we decide to destroy large areas of forest without making sure there are new ones growing, it will cause huge problems during a longer period of time.


  1. National parks as a way to protect biodiversity

Biodiversity may sound like a scary word from your school’s biology classes. You don’t have to remember the word but it’s one of the most important reasons national parks were created and should be protected. Biodiversity means the condition of nature. Changing the conditions means that some animals, plants, or other species may not be able to live. National parks work as places of protected biodiversity making sure that the biodiversity level won’t drop.


  1. National parks are also learning centers

Did you know that national parks play role in our education? You may have been one of those kids who have visited a national park during their school years or maybe you have kids who have made this educational trip. In addition, national parks offer schools important materials for classes in biology, geography, and other relevant subjects. Learning about our nature is important and protecting national parks means you’re protecting the education in America.


  1. Tourists love national parks

National parks are easy destinations to market for tourist. Beautiful nature, many activities, and the real landscapes of America. Tourists from all around the world visit our national parks to see places like Grand Canyon, volcanoes in Hawaii, and waterfalls in Yosemite. Tourism is good for our economy but clean well maintained national parks also give a good image of us as a country for foreigners. In addition to all this, national parks are perfect tourist destinations for homeland travelers.

Tourists love national parks 

  1. National parks are also national heritage

National heritage includes historically, naturally, and culturally important places around the USA. Natural heritage sites are usually places that have been around here a long before us humans. Other natural heritage sites are unique or somehow different from the normal natural state of our country. Most of these heritage sites are found from national parks and so the best way to preserve them is by protecting our national parks.


  1. National parks face many dangers

We already mentioned humans as a danger for national parks but there are many more things we have to protect national parks from. Foreigner insects, animals, and plants are just examples. If we don’t protect our nature from foreigner species, they can take over our own species. This will destroy the natural biodiversity we mentioned earlier. Protecting our country from foreigner species isn’t only about the national parks. If animals, plants, or insects that don’t belong on the area get to our nature, it may have a bad influence on other industries like agriculture.


  1. The national parks we have now aren’t enough

We have to protect our existing national parks because even the amount of our recent parks isn’t enough. There are still many areas of biodiversity we don’t protect. With more preserved natural areas we could reserve bigger part of our biodiversity and at the same time make sure everyone can enjoy nature easily. But making new natural parks isn’t that simple and that’s why we should start from trying to take care of our already preserved parks. Around the world countries are trying to keep up and start new national parks. In fact, countries have national park targets they try to maintain and reach.


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Now you know why protecting our nature and national parks is so important. Donating to right organizations is always a good way to help this cause but there are many more ways to help nature. Telling for others about these issues or visiting your closest park are good steps to start. Just enjoy the benefits of national parks while respecting the nature and you have made a small impact on this issue.

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