Fun Camping Games

7 Fun Camping Games

Camping wouldn’t be any fun without some games and time spent together with other campers. Sometimes it may be hard to decide what to do while camping and so it is a good idea to have a list of games ready. Or who knows maybe you are camping right now and searching for new ideas! This list has 7 fun games kids and adults alike will enjoy.


Bring me…

“Bring me…” is a fun game to play at nature or camping ground. One person is the leader and others are players. The leader starts every round by saying “Bring me…” or “Bring me something…”. After that, players have to run around and they try to find exactly what the leader wants. The first person who brings the leader this thing gets point. For example, the leader can shout “Bring me a scarf.” or “Bring me something yellow”. Then players have to find him a scarf or something yellow like flower.


Murder in the Dark

This game is easy but also super fun for all ages. You need as many pieces of paper as there are players. One paper has letter M, one letter P and other papers are blank. A person who gets letter M will be a murderer who tries to kill people without getting caught by the person getting letter P meaning police. Everyone except the police will either sit in a circle or walk around a small area. The murderer kills people by winking at them and police tries to see him winking. When someone dies aka gets winked they have to die tragically so everyone knows that they are out of the game. The game ends when police finds the murderer or everyone is dead.


In another version of this game, there is no police. After every murder, there will be a conversation of who people think is the murderer and then they can vote (murderer will vote too) someone out of the game. If the murderer gets voted out, the game ends and victims win. The game continues until murderer gets caught or everyone is dead. In this game mode, there can be also more than one murderer.


Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark and other variations of it have been popular games to play around a campfire for a long time. In Noah’s Ark one person starts by saying for example “I’m going on Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two cats”. The second person then continues by saying what the first person has just said but also adds his own animals “I’m going on Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two cats and two dogs”. Then the third person continues and says what the first and second have said but also adds his own animals. This game continues until no one can remember all of the animals mentioned.


Hide and seek

It may seem boring old game but camping gives hide and seek totally new atmosphere. When players try to find hiding places they will also get to know the camping ground better. It’s good way to start camping in a new place. Just be careful so no one gets lost!



There are a few ways to play this game but in them all the aim is to make a story together. The first way to play this game is by giving everyone pen and paper. Then every player writes one word to their paper and gives it to the next person who also writes one word and gives it again to the next person. This continues until the stories are ready.


If you don’t have papers and pens, you can also make these stories telling them one word at the time. This way you can play the game while outside or sitting around a campfire. For adults, the best way to play may be to write one sentence, not a word, at the time.


Duck, Duck, Goose

This traditional children’s game fits for campers of every age. All the players stand in a circle or if there are many younger payers you can first draw the circle to the ground. One person walks around the circle and keeps touching every player saying “duck”. At some point, he touches player, says “goose” and starts running around the circle. Goose has to try to tag him while the other person tries to run around the whole circle and take goose’s place


Camping Olympics

The last camping game we want to mention isn’t just one game but whole competition. Camping Olympics need at least one organizer who picks out the minigames, makes teams and works as a judge. During Olympics, all the participants are put into teams that compete against each other in fun games. Winning team (or usually everyone) gets a price. Games in camping Olympics can be anything but for example:

  • Relay races: Teams run one member at the time and the first team wins.
  • Obstacle courses: Create an obstacle course and teams have to race through it. If you want to make this one a little harder, you can decide that one of the team has to keep their eyes closed or maybe all members of the team have to hold hands while racing.
  • Passing egg from spoon to spoon: Every team gets one egg and two spoons. Then they have to take that egg from place A to place B. However, players can’t touch the egg with their hands and the player who has egg can’t move his feet.


Looking for camping games for two? Check out this article. Have suggestions for other camping games? We'd love to hear it in the comments section below!


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