What it means to be a pro nomad

What it means to be a Digital Nomad?

Do you love traveling, endless adventures and wandering around the world? Do you also love cool and high-quality products that will help you on your adventures? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations: You’re a Digital Nomad!


What does a 'Digital Nomad' mean?

Digital nomad is a person who travels a lot and is always equipped well for their next adventure. Digital nomads love planning their trips and buying new travel accessories, but they never say no for an unplanned surprise adventure. The world is full of us wonders who never stop dreaming of bigger, better, and more daring escapes from their normal lives.


The word professional doesn’t only mean people who have to work on the area of traveling. The most important part is to travel like a professional using great gear, planning properly and never giving up your travel dreams. If you are a digital nomad, you know what we are talking about. The endless need to see new places and get better at traveling. And of course, making a living (sometimes) for it. You get hooked on it quickly after doing a trip to interesting places around the world.


Digital nomads are always ready for a new adventure

The most important character trait of digital nomad is the adventurous mind. If you offer one a possibility to do a free trip, they will be ready to leave right away. They don’t just play the role of tourist, they are ready to see the new places from a different point of views. They want to meet other travelers and create meaningful memories. As such, we never get enough of seeing new places and experiencing unforgettable things.


You don’t have to be fulltime traveler

Some digital nomads work on the road and never stop their adventures, but it’s not required. Literally, anyone can be a digital nomad as long as they love traveling, are ready for adventure. Maybe you do weekend getaways in a van or save money for that once a year luxury holiday. Some never leave their home country. The most important requirement of digital nomad is to love adventuring and you can do that even in your own hometown.


Being part-time traveler can still be a huge struggle for us. For some people, it means searching cheap flight deals constantly while others settle for watching travel documentaries. You don’t have to travel all the time but if you’re really nomad in spirit no day goes by without you dreaming of those great adventures waiting in the future.


Campers are digital nomads too!

We better not forget to mention campers because they make a big part of the digital nomads community. Who would be as daring and adventurous as a real camper? Spending a night in the forest or living in a van for weeks. You need true nomadic personality to survive that. If you see yourself as nomad but haven’t tried out camping, who knows even you may enjoy it. Most of us  will enjoy any change of environment or new experiences. Camping is a good way to achieve that.


So, how do you know if you are a 'Digital Nomad'?

Literally, anyone can identify as such because you only need a few adventurous tendencies and nothing more. If you still aren’t sure, we have collected small list to help you. Real nomads can see themselves in at least a few of the next points.

  • You are addicted to traveling and always ready for a new adventure.
  • Everyone around you is bored to the travel stories you tell over and over again.
  • When you travel, you want to have the best equipment without breaking your budget.


What it means to be a pro nomad?


Why our website is named “NOMADO”?

We are a group of close friends who are passionate travelers. On our journeys around the world we realized that quality travel gear makes life a lot easier but is usually hard to get cheaply. And when you finally find quality addition to your gear the equipment looks boring and uncool. As a group of digital nomads, we wanted to change this. Right now you can find from our website cool travel apparel, decals and accessories but also this useful blog full of information for all fellow-nomads!

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